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Plastic Free Home

Reducing the amount of plastic we use and the products that we buy in plastic is such an important step for us all to take.  Our new course teaches you how to make your own products thus reducing your plastic foot print and saving you money as well as reducing the amount of chemicals use on your skin and around your home


You will learn how to make you own Shampoo Soap Bars which do not contain harmful chemicals such as SLS and Parabens.  This is a traditional technique which can be adapted to make bar soap for your whole family.  You will also learn how to make colour specific herbal hair rinses to use in place of conditioner.  


You will also make lotion bars which have no packaging and are full of nourishing oils and beautiful essential oils.  These bars require no chemical preservatives or emulsifiers and make perfect travel products.


Cleaning your home with natural cleaners mean a reduction in the amount of plastic you use and the amount of money you spend.  You will learn how to make common cleaning products such as multi-purpose spray,  bathroom cleaner,  silver cleaner and how to use essential oils to make antibacterial sprays for those times when hygiene is important.   We will learn how to make washing powder and a rinse as well as lots of tips for other cleaning methods and how to put together your own natural cleaning kit.


Additionally you will learn how to make Beeswax wraps to replace clingfilm in your kitchen


A Simple lunch of Jacket Potato with a choice of fillings is provided and we can cater for most dietary requirements.  We do also have a fridge and microwave if you wish to bring your own food.


Cake and afternoon Tea is also provided.


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